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Why TAFE works

TAFE works for students, it works for employers, it works for the economy and it works for the community. WA is facing increased unemployment rates and the last thing the State Government should be doing, as the mining boom winds down, is making it harder for people to get new skills. TAFE is an important pillar of our community. TAFE works, don’t break it!


Latest news

TAFE students can't afford more course fee increases

The State Government is trying to hoodwink the public and students into thinking it is being generous by capping TAFE fee increases at CPI, according to the State School Teachers’ Union of WA.
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TAFE amalgamations must be funded properly

PRESS RESPONSE: The State School Teachers’ Union is concerned that the State Government is using its plans to amalgamate TAFE colleges as an excuse to cut even more funding from the TAFE system.
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