TAFE is an important pillar of our community because it provides training for many employees delivering vital public services, such as nurses, age care and in our schools. TAFE also provides opportunities for students to obtain skills and gain employment, which has positive effects across the community such as reducing unemployment and strengthening the economy.

  • TAFE provides training for many of the core services that the community requires, such as medical, education, and care.
  • More skilled workers means less unemployment, which is good for our community.
  • TAFE plays a key role in community building, both economically and socially. This is especially so in rural areas.
  • TAFE promotes social cohesion and economic development.

What’s broken?

The State Government has reduced funding to TAFE and making students pay increasingly more to gain essential skills and qualifications. Not every person wants to study at university and TAFE provides practical skills, relevant industry skills and life skills for hundreds of thousands of West Australians. To keep our community strong, we need a strong, publically funded TAFE system. Every West Australian deserves a chance to succeed.