Politicians tell us we need to earn or learn. TAFE encourages both! A strong economy requires a skilled workforce. WA is facing increased unemployment rates, especially among our youth, and a mining industry which relies on skilled workers. There has never been a greater need to ensure people receive the training required to contribute to our economy. TAFE colleges provide that training and even encourage greater participation in industries with skills shortages.

  • TAFE students are more likely to complete their course and contribute to our economy through meaningful employment.
  • TAFE provides quality training, which increases productivity and even encourages participation in industries with skills shortages.
  • WA’s mining, resources and construction industry requires skilled, local workers to drive it forward. And as the mining boom winds down, TAFE also provides opportunities for re-training.
  • Youth unemployment is rising. TAFE provides opportunities for our youth to break the cycle of unemployment and join the workforce.
  • Skilled workers attract higher wages, which increases prosperity and drives a better economy.
  • Higher employment = stronger economy!

What’s broken?

Right now the mining boom is winding down and unemployment levels are rising, which means more and more people are in need of an affordable, quality technical and further education. But instead of making it easier, the State Government has made it harder for individuals to access the training they need to secure employment and contribute to our economy. Increased student fees means TAFE is now unaffordable for the people in our society who need access to it most; the unemployed.