TAFE colleges are the leading providers of high quality technical and further education. TAFE is the only training provider that doesn’t exist to make a profit, which means that all resources are used on the delivery of training. TAFE is in the best position to ensure that students meet the standards and qualifications expected by employers. Employers in rural areas and industries experiencing skills shortages especially benefit from a strong, accessible TAFE system. 

  • High quality education = high quality employees.
  • Skilled employees are better for business.
  • A strong TAFE system reduces labour shortages
  • TAFE has priority industry courses which encourage students into areas that are experiencing skills shortages
  • Rural areas rely on TAFE colleges to train employees working for local trades and businesses.

What’s broken?

Because the State Government has increased student fees so dramatically, enrolments for TAFE have gone down by 7% and continue to fall. These students are forced to turn to cheaper private training providers, who in many cases don’t deliver the same course quality because they operate with lower standards than TAFE colleges. There are a growing number of cases where these students have entered the workforce underprepared and undertrained compared to their TAFE counterparts. This isn’t good for students, and it’s definitely not good for employers.