TAFE students can't afford more course fee increases

The State Government is trying to hoodwink the public and students into thinking it is being generous by capping TAFE fee increases at CPI, according to the State School Teachers’ Union of WA.

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TAFE amalgamations must be funded properly

PRESS RESPONSE: The State School TeachersUnion is concerned that the State Government is using its plans to amalgamate TAFE colleges as an excuse to cut even more funding from the TAFE system.

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Albany TAFE forum


Rockingham TAFE Forum


TAFE Works Tour Launch

The State School Teachers' Union will be holding a series of crisis meetings around the state, in a bid to build support to save the TAFE system in WA.

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Campaign launched to save TAFE system

The State School Teachers’ Union has today officially launched a new campaign in an attempt to save the TAFE system.

TAFE is currently under threat due to the government significantly cutting its funding, which has led to skyrocketing course fees, staff cuts and course closures.


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Union calls for TAFE funding to be restored and fees cut

The State School Teachers’ Union has called for an end to the attack on the state’s TAFE system, which is being undermined by massive cuts to funding and skyrocketing student fees. 

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TAFE fee hike hits home as enrolments fall - ABC 730 WA

WA students are furious with an increase in TAFE fees, while support agencies say education is being placed even further out of reach.

See ABC 730 WA's report on TAFE fees and enrollments here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-06-27/tafe-fee-hike-hits-home-as-enrolments-fall/5556710