A petition against the Federal Governments proposed takeover of the public TAFE system.

The proposed Federal Government takeover of VET being considered in secret by State and Federal Governments would mean poorer quality training, higher fees and the end of the TAFE system.

You can view the proposal here.

The reforms would mean the end of the public TAFE system as we know it. Under the proposal, funding for TAFE would come from student loans under VET FEE-HELP, which shifts costs to students. It would transition TAFE to a privatised, user-pays system.

Even the Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham said last year that the VET FEE-HELP scheme is a 'disaster' and 'one of the worst get-rich schemes I've ever seen.'

We call on Malcolm Turnbull and the Federal Government to ditch this proposal entirely, fix the VET FEE-HELP mess and ensure that public TAFE's receive the funding they need.

Will you sign?