TAFE colleges are the training industry leaders, ensuring their students walk away with a high quality education that gives them the best opportunity for meaningful employment. TAFE is a public system which everyone should have the right to access, regardless of their circumstances.

  • A TAFE education is a quality education. Unlike some other training providers, TAFE colleges operate under strict high standards that ensure students walk away fully prepared for their career.
  • A TAFE education gives students the best head start in life to pursue career opportunities in the trades and services industries.
  • TAFE is a public system, which means it should be accessible to all.
  • TAFE is a recognised and respected alternative to university.
  • TAFE plays a key role in second chance education and/or re-training. It enables individuals to access employment for the first time, build pathways into further and higher education, return to the workforce after raising families and to transition into other careers.
  • TAFE assists those most in need, giving them the opportunity to pursue meaningful careers.

What’s broken?

The State Government has dramatically increased student fees, including concessional rates. Many students, especially those on a lower income, are now struggling to afford a TAFE education and are forced to turn to lower quality private training providers offering cheaper and shorter courses. There are an increasing number of cases where private training providers have cut corners and not met training standards, leaving students with an education and qualifications that may not be recognised by future employers.