TAFE Works Tour Launch

The State School Teachers' Union will be holding a series of crisis meetings around the state, in a bid to build support to save the TAFE system in WA.

The TAFE system is under threat from huge budget cuts and massive fee hikes, which have led to declining student enrolments.

SSTUWA vice president Samantha Schofield said the union would be holding 11 forums around the state, from Albany in the south to Broome in the north.

“We want to get out and talk directly to staff, students, parents and the community about why TAFE works for students, employers, the community and the economy,” she said.

“We have seen more than $110 million dollars pulled out of the training sector over the last 3 years, and we have seen fee rises of more than 600% in some courses over two years.

“This has led to student enrolments plummeting by almost 9,000 between 2013 and 2014 and we  listening to our members and the community, enrolments are continuing to fall.”

Miss Schofield said the economic impacts of the State Government’s attack on TAFE could be dire.

“Employers around the state depend on TAFE to supply a highly skilled and well trained and educated local workforce,” she said.

“TAFE is particularly important in regional areas where in some places, TAFE is the only option for continuing education.

“We have repeatedly called for the State Government to restore the funding to TAFE, and if it wants a well trained workforce in this state, it needs to start listening.”

The first forum will involve staff and students from Central TAFE, and will be held at SSTUWA headquarters on Wednesday 28th October at 4pm.